30 January 2012

Agility practice because practice makes perfect, or at least something like that.

Was a beautiful, sunny, Sunday yesterday so we went for a nice practice day with our favorite practice pals.

We set up some jump grids. This is a good thing to practice if you already went to Zumba due to the nice standing still portion of it for the handlers while the dogs do the jumping.

We haven't set up grids in a while, always good for tuning up.

We worked on some fun speedy pole proofing. This one is called Astronaut Poles.

You have to spin around while your dog is doing the poles and not barf due to the dizziness.

Luckily nobody barfed. This is a lot harder than you think. Way harder than Zumba. Try it.

All the dogs had a very fun time.

Much frisbee and ball chasing at the end til we had very tired dogs. Who then sleep in the car while we go for tacos and beers. Every practice should end with tacos and beers.

We hope you had time for a nice practice over the weekend too!


maryclover said...

Sometimes practice with friends is more fun than trialling with friends. We did that this weekend and set up the Trkman Foundation Graduation exercise. I was very dizzy after that, but mostly from the baby dog running behind me at every opportunity to take an off course jump or tunnel. Need to balance obstacle/handler focus...things to work on on the road to championness. We then went for fajitas. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Not just beer Laura! Negra Modelo...

team small dog said...

I stand corrected. Negra Modelo beer of Champions who all have excellent Posture!

Mary C., taquerias (or fajitarias in your case), are an important part of our championness training regime!