19 December 2011

Team Small Dog Awesome Stuff that would make Awesome Gifts-The gift of art.

I stayed holed up in our secret team clubhouse yesterday to finish up this painting. It's WAY too late to order paintings now for Christmas, you'll have to do them yourselves. You should probably use bigger brushes than I do if you want to finish in time. But maybe for next year, remember this and you order nice and early, and voila. No last minute shopping for you. All done. Everybody likes a nice painting of their dog. I like making paintings of dogs. I like getting money so I can go last minute Christmas shopping. Everybody wins.


Susan in MA said...

Had we but known!

Unknown said...

Love the butterflies and peace sign collar tag! Are you taking orders?

P.S. I'm now being asked to type the characters I see in the picture below for verification. The word is "HOOKER" Hmmmmm.

team small dog said...

I am always happy to confer on custom commissions with people!