24 October 2011

Stuff we've been doing, like picking up punkins at the punkin patch.

Yesterday I ran into this guy I used to see walking around in my neighborhood. He always walked around slowly with his slow walking dog and we would do a silent smile wave at each other. It's been a while since I've seen him. When I saw him yesterday maybe he was drunk and he wasn't at all quiet and was yelling out his joyousness of seeing me in the middle of the street and when he pulled away in his car, he hit a big wood box thing leaning against the curb and then boy, did he drive away really fast.

Otterpop had her crummy leg checked out by 2 medical professionals that both said stuff like, "Wow. How the heck does she run on that thing?" Then Gustavo had his liver levels measured and they didn't turn out so hot. And then Ruby's neck swelled up and she couldn't chew for a few days and then she was ok except I don't think she can hear anymore.

A bunch of homeless guys were hanging out on those little benches down by the little brook, listening to a football game on a tiny transistor radio. That's a nice spot, there's some shady trees and it's out of the wind and when it's quiet, the brook babbles real nice. A couple of those guys have really good dogs. Way better dogs than the many agro dogs that walk down that path on leashes with their owners that presumably have houses.

Our Occupy Wall Streeters were down at Steamers yesterday. I thought that was cool, since the surf has been so flat lately and the weather's been really hot, they were able to occupy in shorts. When it's so hot like this, it makes me wonder how did the guys in KISS keep their face makeup from running on stage? I guess because they didn't wear shirts, just chains and stuff. Although their legs must have been sweaty in all the spandex and spiked heavy metal platform boots. You just don't see that a lot anymore.

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Elf said...

You do such a good job of capturing the randomness of life and making it entertaining. Glad to see you back online. But I'm also so sad to hear about all the dog things.