25 October 2011

Coffee click-n-print, Fair Trade Edition.

Click on it and print the big one. Then tape it to your frig. Or use magnets if you haven't succumbed to the world of stainless steel appliances. Then every time you get coffee, you buy the Fair Trade kind, ok? Otterpop doesn't make a dime. She's deluded. But the farmers do. Help the farmers, not Otterpop. Buy the Fair Trade kind!


Jodi, eh? said...

Kay, did it. You are SO back in the saddle again.

Elf said...

In facebook lingo, "Like."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but mine's coming from Chiapas.
Dark roasted Yachil... yum!

Are my hands shaking again? Darn!


- Chris Oliver

Amanda said...

Otterpop is the most socially conscious dog ever! Yes, I'd be happy to buy fair trade. Actually, I think I already do. *runs to kitchen to look at coffee bag*