03 September 2011

Bayteam USDAA Labor Day Regional, Day 2: Otterpop gets the pants beaten off her by a yorkie that rides in a stroller.

And the yorkie's name is Tinkerbell.

So yeah. Righty-o. Otterpop could still redeem herself in Steeplechase finals tomorrow, but she is just not that into it. She did get 1st and 2nd in last night's IHC classes, but really, shouldn't have. I couldn't even go get those ribbons because, augh. Otterpop.

Well, and also, we don't have any room in our house for ribbons. Someone else should take them with bigger walls.

I sure wish I could get Otterpop to run like Otterpop. This creepy Stepford dog that heads over the first jump with me is really freaking me out. Or that just pops up midway through a run.

Is she scared? Is she mad? Does her leg hurt? Does she want a stroller? Does this sound like a broken record?

Otterpop speaks to me all the time, but this one thing, she isn't disclosing. And it is clearly a HUGE problem for her.

Also I would like to point out that the yorkie lady is super nice and gracious and she does an awesome job at agility and Tinkerbell is a great dog. For Pete's sake. I am just a very sore, crabby loser and I am probably going to hell after being torn limb from limb in a zombie apocalypse now.

I should probably be done with the whole small, fast, kick yer ass thing. I think it's going to have to change to small, below average, getting kicked in the ass. It's just so much less catchy that way.

Gustavo, though, he did run like a champ today. He missed the pole entry in Steeplechase round 1, and even though he looped around and headed back in, with such awesome 12" competition he just couldn't make the cut. We are a little below average. But I couldn't have been any happier with how he ran.

I guess if he had made that one pole entry I could have been a teensy, weensy, little tiny bit happier. And feeling less kicked in the ass. But only a little. I felt like he tried his best. Me and him might make mistakes, but we both tried as hard as we could. And that's about all we can keep doing.


Anonymous said...

you took a pic of jessica and bug! bug will be playing team with rita in nm in a couple of months. be sure to tell jessica that you think bug is an awesome cattle dog.
i know, cattle dog? you'll just have to trust me on that one, and do it.
oh, and forget that crap about no more small fast kick your ass. your public demands it.

Janet said...

Ummm ... maybe you should try pole setting next time. But, your eye for fashion certainly captured my matchy-matchy to the new tire!

Jodi, eh? said...

So now that you know the secret path to the Inner Circle through the ring hanging around Susan's neck, did you get a discount?

DiannTinkerbell said...

Tinkerbell and I are very flattered by your welcome :) You are not only hysterically funny, but under all that humor, completely groovy :)

Strollers Rule :) (Just kidding!)

team small dog said...

It was stroller-mania! You may have started something up here, DiannTinkerbell!