04 September 2011

Bayteam USDAA Labor Day Regional Day 3 Report: Hey is this a flea market? Naw. It's just a dog show.

So right off the bat, Otterpop had a nice pairs run in the morning with a most excellent corgi and earned her Performance ADCh.

And then proceeded to go on to do a bunch of weird things in the rest of her runs that I won't even bore you with. But you know, whatever.

What matters?

I didn't invent that question. It's what the hippie chick behind the counter of the swanky new vegan joint asked me and my agility pal Susan Garrett when we left. How could me and Susan Garrett not go to the most vegan, gratitudey place in Santa Cruz with sweet, zen waitresses while she was here for the dog show?

We had fun. I had some beer. Susan had a drink that I am still a bit confused about what was in it. Nubbins? The food was good. Nothing wrong with some organic veganness to end a long day at a dog show. Especially when they also have beer.

What matters? Otterpop is a weirdo, and she can drive me crazy, but I still like her a whole lot. And I got her a fancy new leash. Even though I had a coupon for it, that still counts. It's her very own, it's not just an old piece of rope and I think it makes her look special.

I didn't get her a stroller.

I am never, ever getting her a stroller.

Otterpop is cool. If she wants to just be an agility champ in practice, then maybe that's how it will go.

Gustavo had an excellent jumpers run. I will find a video for it. Full of fast running and excellent listening where he let me do my handling that I work so hard on.

Gustavo is cool.

Ruby is cool. Susan Garrett is cool. All my agility pals I've been hanging out with are cool. All the dogs are cool.

One more day of dog show. Let's all have a good day tomorrow.


Jen Lindsay said...

Way to go, Otterpop and Laura! And I've seen that yorkie in a stroller run down here in Southern California - she can really run, even with all that flowing Yorkie hair.
Congratulations on earning Otterpop's performance championship.

Shane Kent Louis said...

Wow, Congratulations for both of you! Otterpop's performance championship.

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