07 July 2011

The rules of the game.

The game known as Swimstick seems like it should be very uncomplicated. I hate complicated. I like easy. In agility, I look for straight lines. When I make cocktails, I just pour tequila on ice and add some limes. I am pretty lazy.

I like things easy. Don't make my life hard.

You throw the stick in the river, the dog gets it and brings it back. Then you throw it again.

I see people do this all the time. It looks super zen. Boring in a nice way. Uncomplicated. How life should be.

I don't even know what our swimstick rules are. I just know the game is scary and ends up with everybody wet and muddy and running out of the forest on leashes. There are weird noises and cliff diving. God help us all.


Elf said...

Otterpop's rules always make me laugh. Don't tell her that, though. I don't want her to take my ankles out.

Anonymous said...

Can you video tape one of these stick Swims? Would love to see the excitement.

maryclover said...

I will have to add these rules to "Otterpop's Raindy Day Guide" on my cubicle wall.

team small dog said...

I can videotape one if I deal with my broken video camera. The battery charger doesn't work and I am a horrible procrastinator at getting things like this fixed.

Hence the no videos for a very long time.

It is probably better to just imagine the mayhem of swimstick, anyways. It is pretty scary to actually be there.

Otterpop likes to make rules. She is one big guide book to everything.

Liz said...