11 June 2011

Their lives are really, really hard.

A boring, sucky, lame-o walk in our neighborhood for dogs is walking along the path on West Cliff. Super boring views of the bay and leashes the whole way. I make them brisk walk, there's no balls out galloping or frisbees or doing anything interesting other than trotting placidly along by my side.


They don't care about admiring the views or looking for otters or watching surfers at Steamer's when there's a swell. They don't care about old ladies and teenage girls that ooh and aah at their cuteness and want to pet. Walking around the neighborhood on leashes is for the tourist dogs. They just want to go run on the beach or up in the forest.

Sometimes, I am just really mean to my dogs.

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Elf said...

Tika and Boost think that walking along a dry, dusty, dry-grass trail with no trees or squirrels or anything, on leash, and stopping constantly to do something with the giant eye that mom puts up to her face all the time or rummage around under shrubberies for camo plastic containers is ALSO boring boring boring. We are such dog abusers.