09 June 2011

All you can eat salad bar.

Turns out, Ruby and Otterpop are crazy for Gustavo's veggie plate. He's not that big time into his new salad style diet, but the those two junior veganettes, hold the phone. The big favorite is raw, cold broccoli, carrot and tofu mixed up in a tupperware. Apparently more delicious than any carne asada morsel ever.

I can't tell if Gustavo's new diet and medicine is helping him or not. He seems a little spacier and more low energy, and his stary episodes haven't changed all that much, if anything, they're back to every night. It's only been a week though. Maybe just takes more time. I sure do want him to feel better. I hope the doctors are right about all this.

Otterpop and Ruby though, reaping the benefits. Everyone now gets a heaping scoop of uncooked vegetables and chilled tofu on their dinners. Working on impulse control behaviors and funny tricks in the house? Crunchy broccoli stalk hunks now best thing ever. Dogs are so weird. Next thing they're going to want feathers braided into their ear fur and pomegranate martinis.


cheap essays said...

yeah it really make any one hungry after reading this.

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

I hope the new diet works as well for Gustavo as it is for his siblings. We'll say a little prayer for you