21 June 2011

Thank you, Otterpop.

When we went to practice today, Kathleen had a really fun course set, an old Scott Chamberlin one for a past World Team Tryout. I set it at 8", pulled Pop out of the car and away we went.

It was so fun, we had to do it again without stopping. And then again and again and again, each time running harder and faster and making those turns better, and each time was better and if you have never seen this Otterpop, you gotta sometime. She is unbelievable, this Otterpop. She may never show you in a trial, but this Otterpop is insanely fun to run courses with. Especially the tricky ones.

It's the same Otterpop that had to sit in a crate the other night when we had guests over for a barbeque. The same Otterpop that has pretty much no freedom in life right now due to her irritable bad temper. Thank god for agility for me and Otterpop. Because I'm not sure what we'd do without it.

Gustavo proved quirky practicing. He was mad, mad, mad for the teeter, yet seemed befuddled by weave poles. The table was a happy place, yet his normally no brainer of an a-frame unexpectedly became the tall thing to run by really fast and take an off course jump beyond it. I decided to cut our losses and went back to basics. Sat down in the shade and shaped a silly trick to stand on an upside down food bowl and tap his feet.

Thank you, Otterpop.


Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

I always root for Otterpop. He is the underpop

Kathleen said...

wasn't that a really fun course? I'm going to set up another world team try out course next week, too.

Looks like Otterpop is ready for worlds now!