17 May 2011

Monday is once again a fun day.

We got to have a practice today.

Our favorite kind. Just me and the dogs, working on whatever we want, however we want. I love to practice with friends, and I love to take classes, but I really, really love to just go out and practice with me and the dogs. Even Ruby came out and did some tunnels.

I made up some weird, euro scary sequences for Otterpop, just to see if we could do them. We could. And then some. Otterpop can even do sequences when I have a camera in my hand. That's how she practiced a couple gambles.

I think if you asked Otterpop, what is it that is the Best Thing in Order of Best, she would say this. One, swimsticks in the swimmin' hole, two, agility practice day with frisbee, then three is riding in the ranch truck and chewing on some plastic.

Gustavo was awesome, one of our best practices ever. There was tugging and fetching before anything we did. I didn't make his sequences quite as hard as Otterpop, instead we worked on little drills with backsides of jumps and pull throughs. His dogwalks were flawless and SPEEDING, poles with a couple quite hard entrances confident, and best of all, he stayed totally focused with the speed that usually comes along with completely unglued mayhem.

This is our favorite agility. Next time things go wrong at a dog show. I have to remember that a Monday always comes up pretty fast. We sure do like Mondays.

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andrea said...

fiding the Monday head space AT a trial would be amazing...
so glad your Monday worked so well for you and the team!