19 May 2011

The dark side.

I feel a little bit dirty and weird.

I have been promised now, with their help, that, basically, I'll learn more, share more and experience more of the world of dogs.

Because, before them, I didn't learn enough, and I guess wasn't a good sharer. We never have played that well with others. Well, and until recently, we weren't invited to the party.

I think it was Groucho Marx that said something like if a club didn't want him to join, then that was ok because he would stay home and eat sandwiches instead, and it probably meant he didn't want to be in that club anyways?

Groucho always kind of creeped me out anyways. He did that thing with his leg. All of them did.

But in the effort to get Gustavo a little bit more time in the ring competing, on a low key basis, I wanted to find a way to actually get him in the ring a bit more. Short days, a couple of runs, close to home. UKI is still really small, and CPE is not our thing. One more obvious choice.

That's right. The dog who has been genetically proven to have no dog DNA will now be competing in the next local AKC trial, one of a plethora of local trials, as a registered Canine Partner. I just signed Gustavo up with the AKC.

I asked Otterpop if she should be signed up, too. She just looked at me like I had 3 heads and found a tennis ball to chew on. I think that was a big fat No.

Bye. I need to go wash my hands.


AgilityFoot said...

AKC isn't that dark, especially now. Starting in July a new event, Time 2 Beat. Which sounds like a lot of fun for fast, speedy dogs like Goo.

Anonymous said...

I think what Groucho said was more like: "I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would accept me".

Margaret & Luigi said...

If your experience is anything like mine, you'll run into lots of people that you haven't seen in years who will comment "Wow - I haven't seen you in years. I thought you gave up agility."

Elf said...

ha ha ha ha ha!

Some of us go over to the dark side one way (say, getting a border collie), some do it another way.

Yeah, I've been at local AKC trials occasionally and, jeez, it's just like being at a local USDA trial. I recognize almost everyone. It apparently hasn't hurt any of them, in any visible way, at least. Good luck, G!

vici whisner said...

You'll have fun. Especially now that everyone is trying to qualify for nationals next year. We are all there.

One thing I notice about AKC trials. Some people are a little more negative about their runs due to the whole "double Q" requirement. Someone that has a GREAT run in the morning, then blows the second run walks around upset. I'm usually like, "But you KILLED it this morning!" They respond...it doesn't mean anything.

Or the other way if someone doesn't Q on their first run sometimes I hear, "I'm just going home. I can't believe I didn't get that."

For me I just try to get away from that and have fun. Some people say the courses are easier, some people say they are harder. The courses are the courses and some are fun, some are easy, some I don't like the angles, and some are really challenging.

What I do love. Sometimes my runs are close together and I can go, run my dogs, AND get home for some gardening.

Not too bad. See ya soon!

Anonymous said...

Always heard that "The Dark Side" meant getting a BC.. you scared me there for a moment!


Anonymous said...

Always heard that "The Dark Side" meant getting a BC.. you scared me there for a moment!


Jen Lindsay said...

I think you are doing the right thing for Gustavo. And AKC is by no means perfect - but they do a lot of positive things in the dog community that don't get nearly as much attention as the negative aspects of the organization. For instance - immediately following the recent tornados and floods here in the US - the AKC contacted the local AKC clubs in those areas to offer immediate assistance to dogs in those areas.
And T2B looks like it will be a blast, I'm really looking forward to it.

Cedarfield said...

I avoided AKC for years but I have to say I find the courses much easier than USDAA and I love having so many other 12" dogs to hang with.

Amy Carlson said...

AKC, CPE, USDAA I do it all, whatevaaaaahhhhhh.........it's all dark at times, but we head towards the light as much as possible. My canine partner KICKS ass in AKC and Gustavo will, too! :D Have FUN! Spur is sometimes the ONLY mixed breed at our New England AKC trials and that just makes him SPECIAL!

Amanda said...

I hear you about washing your hands. Tika has a CP number but we haven't actually managed to enter any trials yet. You have to enter so far in advance it makes my brain hurt.

Elf said...

*My* Tika doesn't have a CP number. :-) Although it is tempting to go compete in novice at 20".

team small dog said...

Yes, a big plus on this first one is 10 minutes away, and I can show up at noonish, get him measured, and have a couple runs! I doubt we'll go to many, but there are just so many conveniently located not too far away. Novice will be fun, after all our euro course practicing, a whole different thing!

Mister Bunny said...

If you haven't done one in forever, practice a broad jump! Novice will have one.

maryclover said...

Fun is what you make it and you more than anyone else know that. You might even run into some of those champion types you are emulating. And, if you hate it all you've lost is a few hours and a chunk of change. Tell Otterpop she can do whatever she wants. She's the princess.