13 May 2011

James Durbin and how he relates to dog agility. How?

Thursday night, there was outrage. Stomping. Yelling. Muttering. Tears.

James didn't make the cut. This was an upset of a magnitude unknown to the Fox corporation. Mayhem. Uprising in the quiet beach town of Santa Cruz. The crowds went wild. Not in a good way.

They cancelled his parade.

I will not tell you the voodoo I personally took part in today, but I will tell you that at high noon, James was given back his parade and a free concert at the Boardwalk.

Coincidence? I think not.

He may not be re-enlisted as an American Idol contender, but screw 'em. James is on his way to super stardom. Who needs 'em anymore.

Agility practicing? Non existent at the moment. The whole James thing and a swollen face and some pressing work engagements created the perfect storm where dogs barely get out for a pee. Sorry dogs. Rarely am I so cruel to you. We all hate it when life gets in the way of practicing consistent threadles and that darn correct serp position. But sometimes it does. I think I'll be able to make it up to you guys next week.

Until then, if you need me, look for me marching somewhere in the James Parade tomorrow afternoon. When I'd usually be doing some practicing. On the way to hear him sing at the Boardwalk in what might be the biggest crowd our town has ever wrangled. Dogs will probably stay home and just think to themselves, Oh hell.

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