29 May 2011

Fracking-Otterpop's Guide to Clean Energy.

Otterpop yells a lot. Lately she's on a thing about fracking. Makes Gustavo hide in his lair and Ruby slinks away to her bed under the desk. Hurts our ears.

Maybe you would like the movie, Gasland. We did, except it makes Otterpop yell and now I am all about moving to a compound again and eating sticks and berries as a lifestyle. And then it would probably get fracked.

As in, we are really fracked.

The neighbors probably hate me but I'm a gonna just let her keep yelling.


Elf said...

Otterpop clearly understands these things better than a lot of actual humans do. Fracking is fracking scary.

Anonymous said...

right on otterpop! my state is covered with the orange drilling markers...

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

Howl it out Otterpop. The fracking frackers fracked