27 May 2011

Dogs are the best part of the day.

It has been a tiring, long week this week. Lots of weeks seem to be. When does that stop? The dogs come to work, but sit neglected in their dog pen or on the deck. Although I don't think they care. They nap. I work.

We walked out to the big field on the coast for a short walk in the evening on the way home. It's windy out there, always is right there on the bluff. The grass is small dog height, and blows in even waves. It's loud from that wind. The north coast is hard on the ears. One narrow track runs through the center. I just sat down there, in the middle of the path, and stayed there for a while, down low to the dirt where the wind blows less strong.

The dogs thought this was funny. Who sits down in the middle of the field? The field's for running in. Not walking, running. Certainly never sitting. Otterpop found me a tree branch somewhere, like that would help. Maybe I just needed a stick.

I appreciate the gesture. Dogs are awesome. When I finally got up, I made everybody lay down. All in a row. Path so thin they had to pile up in a clump. I walked out pretty far, almost towards where it turns and starts to meander through the scrub brush.


"READY?" Had to yell loud. That wind.

"OK!" And off I ran. As fast as I could, into the brush. Dogs all leap up and try to chase me as fast as dogs go. We run until I don't have no more running. Well, maybe I do, but I just didn't want to use it.

Best part of the day.


jedandsophie said...

You're right. They are best part of the day! I have to say that your words are like the stroke of a paint brush on a canvas; a very rare talent in todays world. Nobody knows how to paint a picture with words these days. It's a rare talent at which you excel. :-)

nosemovie said...

We try sooooo hard to understand our canine friends. I wonder if some of them are trying as hard to understand us. I bet your dogs often wonder why you don't just come out on the deck and nap with them. And I bet too that it would gratify them to know that you'd love to do JUST that.
Have a great weekend.


Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

Nothing like lying out with the dogs looking up at the cloud

Jen Lindsay said...

This was such a great post.

Nicole, trainpetdog store owner said...

Dogs are simply amazing! I'm always tired after work but whenever I get home my dog always makes me happy and energized!