19 March 2011

It's another rainy day.

We're waiting for the lima bean sized hails to die down before we go out to work. If you haven't had fun rainy days of handwalking antsy horse on laps around the arena surrounded by trees that whistle and sway in the whipping winds with extra added bonus wild turkeys launching out of the branches, you don't know what fun is.

We walked down to the ocean and back just in the nick of time this morning. The storms sweep through in waves, and the goal is to miss the waves. I scan the sky before I go, and plan by staring at the clouds. Do you like my super high green boots? I love those boots more than anything, almost. We all run out the back steps in the sprinkles to get leashes and boots, and off we go, down to the sea. Me and Team Small Dog, we're always happy to go.


terry said...

:) :)

Anonymous said...

i know what fun is. i've walked quiet, old tb broodmares from the quiet, shady sale barns to the sale ring at keeneland , where they hear the auctioneer's amplified voice and are convinced that they are once again going to the races.