25 February 2011

Where is our snow?

Ruby has been waiting very patiently.

Otterpop, waiting but I couldn't say she has been patient. I was able to find her some sea foam to hold her over, but she's all, You Suck. She wants the real thing.

Ruby, REALLY patient. Don't be sad, Ruby. It could still snow.

Gustavo isn't sure what we're talking about. I'm not going to explain the snow thing again to him. I'm hoping he's forgotten about last week's snow adventure and he can try it again. I'll put a jacket on him and make him a snow taco. Maybe it will win him over.

Those weather guys have us all hyped up. I am wearing my parka and mittens we are ready to GO. Go Snow! So where is our snow?


Jodi, eh? said...

Grasshoppers, careful what you wish for...

Unknown said...

I'd be glad to send you some...we have plenty here in Ohio.