25 February 2011

This post is pretty much like, not even a post, but some days, I play the lame card.

It's been a busy week. Leave early, get home late. Today, I bring you list items. All I can muster.

Jazzercise. That always gets everybody going.

Gustavo had a hard agility week. But he also got to try elk steaks. Drippy, medium rare. This helped him out of a weave pole vortex. So maybe I gotta get a shotgun now and start bagging game.

Otterpop's leg looks weird to me right now. She did a lot of staying in the car all week. This does not make any of us cheerful. Seether.

Ruby feels awesome. She wants to run on the beach and be sneaky again. Three cheers for Ruby.

We ran Euro courses the other night. Mostly fail and error. If I'm going to fail, I want it to be on a twisty Euro course where you nearly die if you have running contacts.

I had my first dog tugging related injury. Teeth bited me.

We are waiting for snow. They keep promising snow. I bet they'll be wrong. I hope they're not wrong.

I provided poor customer service at various times. I have been trying not to do this, but there you go. It didn't seem all that poor at the time, but in hindsight, I can be a real bitch. But the friendly, cuddly kind.

Now is your chance. I am ready to practice being good listener. Compasionate, and without a finger wagging inner drag queen wearing super high stripper shoes and shiny animal prints snarking it out from within my abdominal vortex.

Would you like to vent? You go right ahead, honey. I'm listening.


Jodi, eh? said...

If someone is not good at multi-tasking, how can they?
-run looking at their dogs face
-not smash into obstacles
-get into good positional cue on time
-show their dog transitions like decel
-arm change exactly at take off
-remember where they are going
-examine contact performances
-remain calm
I appear to like to get one job done before going on to the next.

Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Anonymous said...

You're a saint if you're going to allow a steady stream of Friday kvetching all over your blog!

But, I'll bite (not literally).

Dear Boss, I live exactly ONE mile from you. Please stop asking me each morning "how was the weather at your house?" it's just inane and makes me crazy.

team small dog said...

I hear you, Jodi. That sounds really hard. I bet that makes you very frustrated. But you know what, Jodi? You are a good person, and I know that you can do it. You are awesome!

team small dog said...

I hear you, nosemovie. That sounds really frustrating. I bet when Dear Boss says that, it makes you want to scream, every single morning. Boy, that would make me really crazy too. I think you do a great job holding it together when Dear Boss says that. I don't have a Dear Boss, but sometimes when Dear Asshole says stuff to me that makes me crazy, I go to my happy place that no one can see except tiny little sandcrabs that live in my brain. I tell you that, not to diminish your frustration, which I know is huge, but just to show you I stand in solidarity with you. You are awesome, nosemovie!

Jodi, eh? said...

In that case, I will try harder.

team small dog said...

That's the spirit, Jodi. I am here to do whatever I can to help you. Take a deep breath. Stop barking at the tree. You may want to use both hands, but you don't need to. Just one. I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Today when Dear Boss asked that same question, I told her the crabs in my head would send her a card with an answer. She looked at me funny.

team small dog said...

Righty-o, good work! But Dear nosemovie, you might be best off if you keep the part about the tiny crabs very secret to Dear Boss.