26 February 2011

Some days are for big dogs.

Some days, after work on Saturdays, we run Tervs. Do you know what these are? Big fluffy brown dogs that are sort of like the same thing as Malinois. It's complicated. Euro dogs. They run like the wind and boy do they love their toys. My friend Rob has an extra, so has been letting me borrow Soja for my practice dog. Soja is very, very fast and is teaching me to be a much better handler. Just trying to stay out of her way and keeping us both from crashing into stuff is a challenge. Her teeth chatter, she loves agility so much. They chatter and then they bite my hand if I'm not careful how I hold whatever soggy scrap of toy she wants. Soja is very sweet, but she is very serious about her toy. Sometimes her daughter, Wings, lets me run with her, but sometimes she doesn't.

Tervgility day is for big dogs. Team Small Dog sits in the car. They can look at sheep. And nap. There was snow up in the mountains. And I think in this cloud. We didn't get to see any up close and personal. They complained on the drive home. Boring car jail and where was our snow?

Mary brings Ariel. She's not a terv but she plays one on tv.

Doing agility with big dogs is super fun. I think Team Small Dog should have big dogs on it some day. And medium dogs. And of course small dogs. I think that would be about 12 dogs. Except then I'd need a motorhome to drive them all around. Terrible gas mileage. I dunno. I'm glad I have my good agility pals, and my agility pal dogs!

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Elf said...

At yesterday's agility demo, a woman with two small black dogs of uncertain ancestry came by to ask about how one could get into dog agility. I told her about Bay Team's trainers page and also about Team Small Dog. I'm not sure it translates well in person, but who knows, maybe she'll show up here. I didn't mention that some handlers of small black dogs also sometimes handle large dogs. I didn't want to confuse her too much.