06 January 2011

The team returns to Dirt Nite.

We have been away from Dirt Nite for so long.

I don't know that my life has been any cleaner.

I just looked at my pants. Yeah, actually it was.

Because now we're back at Dirt Nite. It's good to be dirty.

I was happy to see my students. I was happy to see my agility pals. I was happy to see Hobbes!

My friend Dee's dog passed away last month, so I gave her Otterpop to run. I think Otterpop liked running for her better than me. Little hussy vixen. My dogs haven't run with other people too much, and it was super fun to watch. Otterpop looks like a no legged weiner rodent when she runs. What could be more entertaining than that?

Dee ran Gustavo a bit but I'm the one that really needs to practice with him so we tried to work out the hard bits of the courses. He is comfortable at Dirt Nite so he doesn't have that unglued and unfocused unsteering that he has up at Power Paws. And at trials. He runs more accurately, but I don't always feel like he's living up to his full potential.

I would like the speed he has when unglued and unfocused, but the steering of when he's focused and listening. Is this too much to ask?

Don't answer that. Me and Gustavo, a work in progress. Where progress takes it's own sweet time.

Maybe it's because I get to run my favorite border collie in the world, or maybe it's because we've been Dirt Niting it for so many years now. Maybe it's because I get Rob's courses. But when agility has been feeling hard and like it will never go right, things always go better for us at Dirt Nite.

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maryclover said...

Wisp, Zane and I went to our dirt night last Monday. We had been away for a while and it was good to be in the barn, on dirt even if it was colder than a witch's you know what. Kelly was wearing her "Be Nice Don't Bite" t-shirt so it was almost like being at your dirt night with Wisp playing the role of unglued Gustavo. Hang in there! You and Gustavo will be the ├╝ber team soon enough.