19 January 2011

Some people know the days of the week because it says so on their underwear.

Last night was Tuesday. I know this because I drive up and over the mountain and back for late night agilty with Nancy and Jim. There's a lot of decel up there on the mountain. Last night, I will report all dogwalk contacts, all the time.

It's easy to remember when it's Tuesday, it's the day after Monday which is my day off and when I practice the dogwalks and drills dujour up in the forest.

Tuesday comes before Wednesday, which is Dirt Nite, when I teach agility then run dogs in Rob's late class. Might run my dogs, my friends might run my dogs, i might run friend dogs. We all run fast.

Thursdays, there's no agility. Could this be right? It's a good thing. Need to wash up from Dirt Nite. And sit down and rest my feet.

On Fridays, there might be a little bit of agility on the way to work. Just enough time to squeeze in some running dogwalks. Tight turns. We work fast. We're late for work.

On Saturdays, after work, there's tervgility at Rob's house. It's like agility, except only with speeding fast Tervs.

And Sundays, maybe some champion practice with my champion pals. And my champion dogs. In broad daylight. Not at the crack of dawn. Not in the dark. Civilized agility, with crazy hard courses.

Then, just like that, before you know it, it's Monday again. And the whole thing, starts all over again.


Jodi, eh? said...

I thought Mondays were for doing your awesome bathroom mural painting at Forest Agility better known as Heart Dog Agility with little paint brushes taken from the same location as yur magnolia dear fortune telling booth (what the hell is that?) while mad dogs rest in car????

team small dog said...

Well, yeah. Very good Jodi! But first we always practice some dogwalks and drills dujour. I'm not that mean and horrible to my dogs.

This week it was basic, plain running dogwalks. Without dreaded tunnel pulls. Gustavo has been learning his verbal turn at a distance. And our friend Mary came so we even ran a course except someone else showed up to use the field and we were late so that was that.

Mad dog naptime, right after that.

Jodi, eh? said...

OK, just checking. I like to keep up to date on TSD activities, it is a good way to track what day of the week it is. In fact, I know it is Wed today because you are @ dirt nite. usually, I never know what day of the week it is.

Elf said...

I can mostly manage what day of the week it is: Are my nonagility friends available for activities and my agility friends are doing agility? It's Saturday or Sunday. Otherwise, not so much saturday or Sunday. What I really have trouble with is the actual date, like for writing checks.

"Is today the 13th?" I politely ask the clerk. "Today's the 19th," they usually reply. Then I have to remember to write 2011 for the year, not 2010 or has happened a couple of times recently, who knows why, 1991.

team small dog said...

You guys also both might benefit from the underpants that have the days of the week embroidered on them.

Jodi. eh? said...

providing that you change your underpants everyday.