29 January 2011

The secret to life, as revealed by Otterpop.

Otterpop gets the ball.

Nobody else gets the ball. If someone else mistakenly has a ball, then actually, it's Otterpop's. The other dogs may look at Otterpop and her ball. And they can bark at her. But no one else get's the ball. Because it's Otterpop's.

Even if it's Ruby's special kitty ball, the ball is Otterpop's. Even if Gary crawled under the stove to get it for Ruby. Where it was dirty. And there were probably spiders. It's still Otterpop's.

Does that seem too simple? Otterpop can make it more complicated. The ball belongs to Otterpop. Otterpop gets the ball. All balls are Otterpop's. If there are a hundred balls, they are all Otterpop's. If Otterpop is done using the ball, it is also Otterpop's and it will sit with Otterpop. Because it's her ball.

Don't play with balls. Don't Play With Otterpop's Balls. DON'T PLAY WITH OTTERPOP'S BALLS!!!


Dawn said...

Ummm...what if I bring my own ball over...? Oh. I know. It's Otterpop's.

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

From the desk of Pocket Dog: No one plays with my ball either. No one should come between a dog and their ball

Cindi Myers said...

Jimmy Chew would gladly let Otterpop have the balls....
Yep, great distraction! (while he's busy putting all the other toys behind the sofa in his bed.)