24 January 2011

Ruby goes for a walk in the forest.

Yesterday was Ruby's 1st forest walk in 2 months. She looks sort of, Whatever, here, but really, she was very, very happy to go. It has been hard to leave Ruby behind all this time.

She's sort of doing that, Whatever, thing here too. But that's how Ruby is. Look how happy Mary is though, that Ruby got to go.

It might sort of look like they're at Forest Agility, but don't confuse Mary's backyard with Forest Agility. You can do agility in Mary's backyard, but then if you step out the fence to her backyard you are in a real forest. With animals. And creeks. Where we use a compass to not get lost. Sort of use a compass. Once we brought a compass. Well, actually, Mary brought the compass. And we didn't use it. I don't even have any idea how you use it. But we also did not get lost that time.

You would think with 4 dogs, no one would be getting lost. I think most of the time, Otterpop does know where she's going. I would probably trust Otterpop to get us out of the forest if we were lost. Or at least get us to the nearest pile of coyote poop.

Otterpop and Aerial do not walk in the forest. They run really fast in the forest. Otterpop is the leader. Sometimes Aerial smashes her because she believes she's the leader. I'm not sure who really is the leader, but I'm pretty sure Otterpop thinks it's Otterpop.

Gustavo is not a leader. He doesn't even always get on the stump. He has to wear his forest walking rope in this forest. If he got lost in here, he could be eaten or just vanish forever. It's not a messing around forest. It goes from the tip top of the mountain to the ocean for thousands of acres. He stays tied to me.

I sure was glad Ruby could come with us again. She walks carefully behind the people, so she can see where to go and because the people go just her speed. Walking. With breaks. I lift her on and off the stumps. We didn't walk really, really far, just far enough for Ruby. And we were all very happy.


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear Miss Ruby went walking! If enthused means 'oh, whatever,'she does look wildly enthused.


team small dog said...

She was enthused. She just has a really dry way of showing it.

Elf said...

Yay, Ruby! That's wonderful.

manymuddypaws said...

glad that Ruby was able to go for a walk- love her "enthusiastic" expression.

i am a total lurker, and don't usually comment, but we have a dog in my rescue that reminded me of your small black dogs and thought just in case you wanted another dog and wanted to fly it across the country that I'd tell you about her. so yeah.
She even has wicked attitude so would fit in.

team small dog said...

Suzi would fit in! I think we will have to pass on Suzi but she looks awesome and like she could give Otterpop a run for her money-we had a foster for a while that looked a lot like her named Black Beauty, who went to a perfect home. I am going to tell her about Suzi, although yes, that would be quite a journey to pick her up! Thanks for thinking of us!

Someday, Team Small Dog will expand. Just not now. I have to train Gustavo first.

Anonymous said...

So very glad to hear that Ruby is well enough to be walking in the forest again!

Beth & Lexi

team small dog said...

It's been a long road back for Ruby, and we still don't know what was wrong with her. I'm slowly decreasing all of her meds doses, and she's looking really good.

She even gets to go out when we practiced and do some fancy heeling. Not the same as tunnels and stuff like that, but at least she gets a turn.

We are hoping in a few weeks she could even go off her leash at the beach and run a bit...time will tell!