22 January 2011

A rare, behind the scenes view of just another day at work.

Sometimes I go to work. Actually, all the time. Usually I try to make my blog look like I'm all sort of leisurely dog agility forest walking frolicking around all the time, but most of the time me and the dogs go to work. I shield you from work. You all go to work. No one wants to hear about work. Usually it's like, ride the horses, teach the lessons, give some shots, walk around with buckets, clean some bridles, go home. Repeat again the next day. Team Small Dog sleeps in a dog pen. Not that I don't like it, but you know, it's going to work.

So we needed a new office at work. Work is a big ranch. The horses have really nice, luxury digs. The peoples, we needed us some new luxury digs.

Usually at work, we move things like horses in big fancy horse trailers around. Not buildings. But now we owned a building and we had to drive it about 45 minutes from where it was parked in some mud by my house, out to work.

If you know lots about trailer hitches, you are laughing super hard when you look at this. And then maybe start to weep when you realize we're going to hitch it to the truck now. It's the same kind of hitch cavemen used to move their caves around. You use a rock to make it work.

I do not like others to take my picture. They do not understand the flattering angles and so forth. Also, I was totally freaking out so now I swear never to freak out about anything again because it adds like 100 years to your skin and makes your pants sag.

Wait a minute. How come Vicki didn't get 100 years added to her skin? Bangs? Because I took the photo?

Um, yeah. So actually, we had to drive it on the freeway. Don't worry, though. I played the part of it's brakes, lights, and plates by driving really close behind it with my hazards on, staring at the axle using my psychic powers to keep it from breaking.

Here's how bad I'm freaking out. I took this photo. And still the freaking out is adding 100 years to my skin. I am so getting a facelift now.

It was a happy day after we made it up and down the super giant hills of terror and made it to Watsonville. I've seen people with goats and ponies in the backs of their trucks. I drive behind tractors every day. So buildings are like nothing.

So far, it is living parked in the driveway. Don't you wish you had my job?


Teresa said...

Let's see... back home in California, no snow, right near my all time favorite place of Monterey? Top agility trainers nearby, and working with and riding horses everyday? Hmmm.... yeah, I wouldn't mind having your job.

Amanda said...

I am jealous of your beautiful blue sky and green green grass. Everything here is white and gray, gray and white. Many many shades of gray mostly. And it was 2° this morning.

Anonymous said...

freaking out makes laura's hair look real long or should that be really long...
i remember those trailer hitches. mine had a chain to loop around the hitch in case it came off, which it did, and the chain broke. luckily there were no horses in the trailer at the time. that's what convinced me to spend the $$$ and get a gooseneck, back before they were aluminum. i am so glad i don't pull a trailer these days.

Anonymous said...

You guys have grass and sun??? And we're all on the same planet??

Which gods did I offend...

team small dog said...

I know lots of you live in blizzards. I had on shorts yesterday. But I did have to put on a sweater later!

You could look at it this way, though. When global warming is bad enough, my house might be underwater and you'll live up on a nice, dry hill. And you paid way less for your nice, dry hill than I did for my aquarium.