31 January 2011

Millionaire idea no. 416.

The decorative pillow millionaire idea.

Would you buy this for your couch?

How about this one?

Marketing genius that I am, you are my totally free focus group where I test out the ideas that make me rich, rich, rich.

Potential goldmine out there in decorative throw pillows, embroidered by little slave children with bleeding fingers in Romania, right?

Something every lady shouldn't be without? Now added to my list of millionaire ideas.


Anonymous said...

hmm...judging by the response here, pillows not millionaire making. maybe tee shirts?

team small dog said...

Clearly. Will start thinking of idea no. 417.
Yeah, those t-shirts are making me millions. Just waiting for them to start falling out of the sky like waffles.

Anonymous said...

I'd take two, of the Aussie ones please, if you could make them red- red aussies,
with sticking up ears.

ohhh, that's a special order I bet. Dang, wish I was a millionaire.

team small dog said...

Being the good business person I am, as soon as I learn how to do that needlepoint or what have you myself, I will get those Aussie Millionaire pillows right out to you. It may be a while. A long while. Even longer than that. Maybe you could just print out the picture and color the Aussie more red and stick it's ears up and stick it on your refrigerator?

Anonymous said...

But, but... then where would I lay my weary head?

My Urban Child said...

oh.. lovely pillow.. for millionaire only..

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