05 January 2011

I think there's an inspirational quote that says this same thing, but I have had it up to here with inspirational quotes.

I am wildly gesturing at my eyeballs right now, as if clawing them out.

The better I try to get at agility, the more spazzy and awful I get.

I think there also might be a video with 3D cartoon bears that say the same thing. According to Facebook, all of agility can be summed up in videos of 3D talking bears.

It is better for my mental health if I don't visit Facebook.

Otterpop is cool with spazzy and awful. If her frisbee is involved, spazziness is super.

Spazzy and awful does not work for Gustavo and makes him prance around on his startline and run away after rear crosses.

Sorry about that, buddy.

During wet/dark/freezing/holiday/ there was no late night driving to and fro over mountains for agility. We went back to that last night.

It was a little pathetic. I neglected the after work/pre agility coffee on the way over the mountain, which made the late night drive back home over it scary.

Like a horror flick.

Which is actually an agility move Nancy taught us how not to do last night.

There's probably a 3D talking bear video about this move already. I think you can find it on Facebook.

Which is now valued at $50 billion big ones. Talk to Goldman Sachs to get your chunk of the big fat pie.

You might need to hold on to your pennies to buy your Farmville cows though. I think the plan is that Facebook currency makes dollars obsolete. Except the ones you invested in Facebook.

Agility might seem simpler than this, but really it isn't.

There. Now this is ready to be a talking bear script for the video.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting a little nervous myself now as I completely understand and relate to each and every sentence you wrote this morning!! Don't worry about the agility, just keep going, you'll get there. Nancy and Jim are headed down to Santa Barbara this weekend so hopefully I won't embarrass myself too much in front of them!

Beth & Lexi

team small dog said...

Beth, if Jim is doing his gambler's class, write down every single word he says and practice it. Otterpop went from 1 masters gambler Q per year to right now, 9 in a row without fail.

Just watch Nancy and try to do what she does. I try to do this, but it would help to have a trained dog when doing so. So mileage varies.

Sounds like you'll have a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who really doesn't 'get' those meant to be funny videos?

East Coast novice said...

Where can I find the talking bears? I have seen the 3d robotic voiced videos, but missing the bears.