09 December 2010

Fun holiday celebrations with the celebration phobic.

It's been Hanukah this week.

We sort of celebrated it. It's also a birthday at our house. I think it started a while ago. Better late than never.

The bummer of Hanukah is, a cigarette lighter is needed to light the candles. Gustavo's most abject fear is of lighters. They make him go catatonic. Flick yer bic is not funny ha ha creative jingle ad men genius slogan if you are Gustavo. He will freak out if he even sees a lighter in your mitt. So Hanukah, festive holiday of lights, big suckola for the Goo. He's more down with the whole birthday of the joyous baby Jesus and all that. Feliz Navidad. Frosty the Snowman.

Some of the celebration guests had to stay in their crate. On drugs. Not just because Otterpop howls at the end of the Hanukah song. Although I am very happy to say that Ruby walked across the room to another dog bed without screaming today. Twice. AND wagged her tail and licked my face. And will go outside and use the ladies room at least once per day. Yeah, on 3 legs, but at least she can move. For this we say, Happy Hanukah.


Anonymous said...

You just have too much fun at your house!! Hooray for Ruby's progress!

Beth & Lexi

Anonymous said...

SO happy to hear about Ruby. Could Gustavo live with matches? (so very old-fashioned . . .)

Diana said...

Yea Ruby! Diana

terry said...

Go Ruby! :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Hanukkah!

Elf said...

Wonderful news on ruby! And too bad, Gustavo!