10 December 2010

Dog Agility Gift Guide on the Cheapskate-wristlet handwarming fingerless gloves.

Didn't start your Christmas shopping yet? Yer friends, relatives, teachers, kids, husbands, wives wouldn't be caught dead in a Team Small Dog shirt? And now you are all out of ideas, and cash? Cuz yer saving it all up for the big dog show in January or February or whenever it is? Maybe, just maybe, you are going to read this and be all, THANK you, Laura, for genius craft making abilities and a craft that I can give as a gift and that took me like 4 seconds to make!

I now introduce you to what I have coined the wristlet handwarming fingerless glove. OK. Me and every etsy girl with a crochet hook.

These are the new black replacing UGG boots and parrots this year. Everyone's wearing them. Knitted, crocheted, stitched. Blah. Too much work. Do you know this word?


This means you get something old like from a thrift store or your laundry hamper and you turn it into genius high fashion of beautiful excellence. This could involve cashmere and skills, but if you are a busy dog agility lady like me, perhaps you have neither.

Materials needed:


A pair of socks with holes in the toes. Matching. Washed. Do not make the mistake and try to wear unwashed upcycled wristlet handwarming fingerless gloves.



VOILA! So easy! Super cool, right? Instantly takes your look from daytime to evening. Took you longer to find the scissors I bet than make this totally wanted by everybody gift item. Say you got it at Anthropologie! Super useful for dog walking or dog agility or any kind of dog related activity when it's cold because you can get treats out of your pockets! Your friends will love 'em. Do not listen to your husband if he is laughing at you.

Thanks Team Small Dog! More gift ideas coming atcha soon. Oil the capitalist machine! Buy early, buy often, buy a lot. Or not. Peace.


vici whisner said...


Elf said...

Best xmas how-to advice ever. Take THAT, Good Housekeeping!

Anonymous said...

i guess in nice warm santa cruz, you don't have that many gloves. bit in the mountains of co, we have lots. fingers wear out from doggies snatching treats from them, so we just cut off the fingers and, voila, brand new fingerless gloves. not so stinky, either.

Anonymous said...

I was right with you till you got to the part about "matching" pair...


Anonymous said...

I prefer Glingers: http://www.regretsy.com/2010/12/09/glingers/

Anonymous said...

now... what to do with them favorite sweaters the moths got at when we weren't looking? must be something fashiony to do...