27 November 2010

This is what we did instead of sitting in line at Toys-r-us all night.

In honor of tis the Season of Consumption, maybe you'd like to consume a new Team Small Dog shirt for all your friends and relatives this shopping season? It's the Team having a Tea(m) Party! Kool-aid drinkers, every one of them. Us. Inspired by the classic Alice in Wonderland drawings, the part of Team Captain Laura is played by Alice in this festive holiday garment.

Since I have to compete with Walmart selling massive tv's for like $12 this weekend, this weekend get it on the light colored American Apparel shirt of your choice for $5 off the regular price. Only this weekend, kittens, then I become the gluttonous, capitalistic pig that we all aspire to, and the prices go up to the ones that support my lifestyle choice of sitting around with my best pal Oprah on a giant mountain of gold plated baby monkeys in my diamond coated cashmere overalls.

Buy Yer Team Shirt now, buy often!


Anonymous said...

ooooooh chesire cat smiling koolaid jug---i like it!

Kristine D said...

I live one weekend off of the technology grid and TSD offers a sale!!!

I still ordered a t-shirt at the ridiculously inflated prices to support TSD's lifestyle. Long live Kool-Aid!

team small dog said...

Right on! You enjoy your shirt, I gold plate another baby monkey!

Kristine D said...

I can't wait to get my t-shirt. I hope the free-shipping fairies can make it to WI before this weekend's trial.

And Gustavo as the Mad Hatter? G.E.N.I.U.S.!!! You don't think Gustavo has mercury poisoning, do you? It might do some 'splainin'....

Your interpretation of the original Tenniel drawing is fantastic!