29 November 2010

The course named On My Let's Have Another Try at That Again, and Again, and Again.

Oh my. We practiced again this weekend with my friends Ashley, Mary and Wendy. We all met up on top of the mountain at PowerPaws, and Ashley made up a doozy of a jumpers course. Mary has kindly volunteered to demonstrate here what we worked on.

Actually, she didn't volunteer at all. Actually I was paying too much attention on how to be a good handler and staying focused to remember to take many pictures except I took a few of Mary. Who actually hates it when I take her picture. But she did great at our practice, so I think she should be the demonstration model of the day. Sorry Mary. Thanks Ashley! Hi Wendy!

I was a bit of a train wreck at practice. Since I've been trying to practice exactly how I want to compete, this is not a good thing. Although if I were to twist this and manipulate this fact to keep a scrap and shred of self confidence, we could possibly situate it under the umbrella of trying very hard to be better and do new things and not be afraid of failing. Although crashing Gustavo into a jump hard enough that he went off limping and crying like a guinea pig under duress by machetes, not what I intended in improving my handling skills.

Nor was further breaking Otterpop's weave poles or finding a major hole in our serpentine training when I pulled her out to sub for the bruised little guinea pig. I really like going out there and finding those serps, but on today's runs, train wreck, train wreck, and more train wreck.

There were a lot of themes for the day for us. I am not going to bog you down in the minutiae of agility details here. Did I really just write out minutiae? Look at me trotting the fancy words out of the big girl dictionary. Let's say the meta theme of this whole agility enchilada, is it really possible for us to get better at this agility business?

Mmm. Enchiladas.

Sometimes I wonder. But if 3 hours of running as hard as we can, and making the decel work without the threadle for the tight little line, and getting out to that front cross after jump 5 don't do it, I'm not sure what will.



team small dog said...

I think because you were gasping for breath, you didn't notice that I was standing right there with a camera in your face.

I think your back was to her because you had completed the successful decel, she was turning, you were burning.

Thus the whole oxygen problem.

Liz said...

Maybe yesterday (assuming it was yesterday) was just a trainwrecky agility kind of day. It was for us, for sure.

And we did one of Ashley's courses last week in our class! It was pretty tough, but also really fun, once I could remember where I was actually going...

Thanks for reminding me not to give up. I had one of those horrible long drives home yesterday, I need a pep talk.

team small dog said...

Ashleymagic courses are the new black!

Amanda said...

Wow, that course looks hard, all right. Yikes.

Elf said...

Mary is gorgeous in photos; I wish I were so photogenic. Don't let her talk you out of sneaking photos of her.