10 November 2010

Hiatus due to monkeyitus.

You know what's funny? You all like funny. How about when someone's face is all swolled up like a monkey? Like a monkey carved out of a big fat coconut. With monkey jowls and monkey lips and big sad monkey eyes?

That would be funny, huh?

But you don't get to see that. It's too horrifying. And since I can't do anything like run around with the dogs with my face swolled up like a monkey, nothing to hear about. Team Small Dog just drives around in a borrowed Volvo station wagon and does really boring things due to my swollen monkey face. They've gone as feral as Volvo station wagon chauffeured dogs can be.

We'll be back. Minus the monkey lips.


Elf said...

Ooooh noooo that sounds terrible. Hope it improves soon.

Alaska said...

Delta Dawn? Is that you?

corinne said...

Swollen faces suck! Hope you're de-puffed soon!

Amanda said...

Oh, dear! I wish you a swift return to your non-monkey self! (Although a small, evil part of me wishes you'd take just one picture and let us laugh at it later. Y'know, after you're all better.)

vici whisner said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.