23 October 2010

Team Small Dog adds in some new big dogs to the team but this is a secret from Otterpop, please.

Photo credit Derede Arthur
So because I'm all obsessed now with getting good at dog agility, I run around and tell everyone this. Doesn't matter who. The more inappropriate the better. Because being a master at conversation manipulation, I can turn anything around so that I elicit a weird stare and backing away from me. Just the words, Sport of Dog Agility, can make most people glaze over in like 2 seconds.

Photo credit Derede Arthur
Everyone at work, sort of nods and thinks to themselves, isn't she supposed to be riding our horses? Full sleeve tattoo cashier at the grocery store starts talking about the Giants, then in 2 seconds, somehow we're on Dog Agility Championships. And he is trapped. Nowhere to run, back there, behind the counter, until he finishes unloading my little basket of unbalanced diet. I always wonder if they check out my groceries and think I'm a single lady with a million cats who loves pine scented candles. Not if I'm introducing them to the fascinating Sport of Dog Agility, they won't.

Photo credit Derede Arthur
So my friends Rob and Derede have a bunch of dogs. Rob has graciously loaned me Hobbes for years so that I could learn to run a big dog. I love running Hobbes. We have a grand time. He's taught me a lot. But Hobbes isn't a Terv. And since I want to get better, Rob had the idea that now I should learn to run a Terv. Like, that'll teach her not to be such a pestery dog agility lady.

Photo credit Derede Arthur
Soja is very fast. Very fast. Like I used to be scared of her fast. She has sound effects. I can't explain them. Like something from the jungle. That you hear right before you die. I had to wear the beginner gloves to run her, and start with the easy jumps so I wouldn't crash her into anything. She is my new practice dog.

Photo credit Derede Arthur
Her daughter Wings, is a big huge champ. Maybe you saw her in the Steepelchase Finals last week. Maybe you saw her at the European Open. Anytime you see her, super fast and ferocious champion. She is totally not scary. She is actually very sweet, and very attached to her people, and doesn't prefer to do agility with anyone else. So we thought we'd see if she'd run with me. I wasn't really mean enough. She is used to finding bad guys in teepees. Not running with nicey nice ladies who use the little dog voice.

Photo credit Derede Arthur
Soja could care less. Her eyes sort of glaze over and she just GOES. And goes and goes and goes and goes. Flatfooted handler out there hoofing it too slow? GOES. Think you can get that fast running front cross in there? GOES. Goes goes goes goes goes. We went went went went went until my legs were pretty tired and it was starting to rain.

She looks a little bit possessed. Her teeth do weird things. Like my dogs have plastic training wheels and fringy handlebar sparkles and I just got handed a mad max rocket scooter shooter that in the wrong hands could blow up North Korea. And off you go. Good luck with that.

I feel pretty lucky to get to run such cool, super trained dogs. And Tervs are TOTALLY the new black. My dogs might be a little jealous on Terv day, but I think they'll thank me as I become a better handler. It takes a village!


Anonymous said...

Good for you, running big fast guys. Small dogs are fast, but when you mess up, you don't wind up buying your orthopedist a new yacht. Be in the wrong place with a big fast dog and oh boy!,

And things happen so fast with the big dogs. My Brain spends its time going, "lol, wut?."

Lynn Ungar said...

Sigh. Taz the Terv does not run crazy fast like Soja and Wings. Taz runs like "Hey! Look! We're out here with jumps and stuff! This could be cool..." Which is not nearly rocket launcher speed. Taz runs like maybe he does dog dancing in his spare time. Which he does. Please tell Derede I say "hi," and she should come dance with Wings so that she can beat the pants off us at that.

Jack son said...

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