22 October 2010

Hola, Gustavo! Where we attempt to interview Gustavo, who possibly went feral when me and Otterpop left him for the grand state of Kentucky.

Gustavo, you had a whole week off of any kind of training whatsoever. You and Ruby sat around the house all day. I don't know what you guys talked about but Gary said Ruby was depressed. She just wanted to hang out in her dog bed all week. Was everything ok?

Hola! In my mind right now I have some SQUIRRELS! AND Tote bags! I believe the closet is full of tote bags and Gustavo LOVES them all! Por que ACCESSORIZING! Gustavo tried to talk to Ruby but she thinks he isn't talking about WHAT? Then she goes and takes a nap. Tote bags! Squirrels! Pandas! These are BEARS! Gustavo hearts panda tote bag squirrels!!!

Gustavo, you seem pretty happy to be back doing some structured activities with the ladies.

Otterpop would like to jump in here and speak on behalf of Otterpop and Ruby and point out that this is not some crunchy hippie democracy and you should not be speaking with Gustavo. Who clearly doesn't even know how to put his goddamn feet right on the a-frame. How the hell do you line up the militia without the feet right? Otterpop believes that NO ONE EVER GIVE HIM A TREAT AGAIN. Give them to Otterpop. Otterpop needs this militia NOW if she is going to take over Canada.

Hola! Gustavo was thinking about panda bears! Also he has heard of a planet where the little people have blue skin and all day they ride across the desert with the MAFIA! And dancing! Hey do we collect anything? Like a Piperlime Wall of Accessories? Gustavo necessito accessories! Piperlime Piperlime Piperlime! Limes of pipes and limes and limes and limes and LIMES! And PANDAS!

Ruby will quietly point out that perhaps one can see why Ruby spent the week retiring to her boudoir?

Doo doo DOOOO! Piperlime! Everybody HURRY! Andale! Andale! Luke Perry might be over there! Accessorizing! Quien dice que Panda BEARS???


maryclover said...

Such a Joycean post. I love it and I love Gustavo!!

Amanda said...

Gustavo may be feral and have very little other than squirrels and panda bears rattling around in his head, but he is still as cute as all heck!

Elf said...

LMAO! love the interviews with the dogs.

Hey, on another topic--it just occurred to me that Ashley did in the finals GP at nationals pretty much what otterpop did in the finals at the regionals. So would you rather do that at the regionals or at the nationals finals? I mean, given a choice.

team small dog said...

Well, sort of same except Ashley still asked for the serp but ran out of it too quick. Me on the other hand, I was just running to the finish and didn't even work that obstacle. Ashely wouldn't do that!

We were sitting right above that jump where it happened to Ashley at the nationals, and the timer was right there where we could see it and we had been watching everyone's time over that jump the last few dogs and Ashely was a second ahead of everyone too!

Elf said...

Well of course he was! That's his trademark! I think otterpop was dhauling pretty good at prunedale, too, though.