16 October 2010

Otterpop's Special Kentucky TSD Edition-Champions of the day.

You all know all of this already from the internet tv. Probably old news to you.

Champions Rob and Wings

Champions Ashley and Luka.

Champions J.D. and Tantrum.

Champions Channan and Icon.

Champions Janelle and Eve.

Champions Diana and Cassidy and Katie and Kir.

Champions Susan and Feature and Eh! Team Canada.

Champions Daneen and Masher.

Champion Otterpop!


vici whisner said...

Woot!! Congrats on going to KY and the Nationals! What an adventure and you have another day of it..

Safe travels home.

maryclover said...

Indeed Champions all!

andrea said...

Otterpop Champion of the world :)

so enjoying the updates - thanks - unlike the resst of the world I am getting no coverage but yours ... (dial up ya know?)

Elf said...

That's what people forget--everyone who is at the nationals has had a spectacular year in agility and are among the best teams in the country! They are all champions at heart even if they, say, get zero points in snooker when they usually have several superQs (well, tika didn't exactly get 0, but it was pretty close that one year. Or, er, well, 2 years.)

Love the photos!

Jen Lindsay said...

Laura, thank you so much for all the blog posts! Otterpop is definitely a champion in my mind. Safe travels hom.

Debbie in SoCal said...

The last picture was the best! Otterpop is a champion!!!

Alaska said...

Otterpop is OUR champion :)