15 October 2010

Otterpop's Special Kentucky TSD Edition-Not even sure what day it is anymore at the USDAA Nationals.

These guys are some of my favorite handlers at the show.

I wish that I had such inspiring runs with Otterpop. I couldn't even explain the Japanese handling style. It seems like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. They all have really speedy, focused dogs, and this zingy flair. That's the only way I can describe it.

Zingy flair.

It's been a long week. I walk my dog on Colonel Sanders lane every night. Zingy flair is the only description I can think of.

Otterpop has had a hard week. It's like we're having to learn all over again how to compete. Today's figuring out lesson turned out to be, in the traditional sense of win or lose, a mega failure. Team Snooker. I will not even repeat to you how many points we got. I feel bad for my team mate.

But. We used the run to try to exorcise the Stefordpop Pod Dog that has been stepping on to the startline with me, that takes over the husk of my Otterpop sometimes. It gave us a highly improved Steeplechase run.

We have a ways to go. My dog agility learning curve is steeper than I want it to be. But watching our friends qualify for the finals today, watching the Grand Prix final tonight that I really wanted to run in inspired me to work even harder. We have 2 more days to work hard here on being a competitor.

Then when we get home, we have another whole year. Because I think we can do it.

Right Otterpop?

That psychic was full of shit. I think Otterpop wants to be a champion. She told me.


vici whisner said...

You are doing great! First time at Nationals (last year), I got ZERO points in Snooker. ZERO. You've really got to try hard to get ZERO.

Not only are you truly fabulous with your Otterpop, but your blog is keeping us all entertained!

Keep it up. Can't wait to train together when you get back! I'm hoping Ken hates the dust and will bring it back to Scottsdale!

Misa said...

Loving the blog, the photos, the commentary! Good on ya!
- Misa and the small, spotted dogs in upstate NY

maryclover said...

Did you have fun? I bet you did. And maybe next year crazy Wispy and Gustavo will be there too. (Okay you can stop laughing).We might even get you into a pair of sporty shorts!

Anonymous said...

the first time i saw the japanese team in scottsdale, the judge had to stop and try to explain the rules of snooker to them.... in not very zingy broken pidgin english/signlanguage... big, big judge from texas...sweet and sad and funny and all that, all that dog agility is,,,, all at once, and maybe not such zingy handling on their part way back then, but lots of waving and shouting and pointy fingers.... learning curve, it's not so steep!


Cedarfield said...

Sorry you didn't perform as well as you wanted but I'm convinced that the experience was not wasted and you and Otterpop--and maybe even Gustavo?--will be back again next year better than ever.