21 September 2010

The power of apoplectic thinking.

There is a part of the forest that I've known for a long time we could get to. I just knew we could. It's remote. It's elusive. It involves the dreaded private property. But I knew that we could do it if we just had a little bit of help.

Normally, my friend Mary is not exactly a pioneer type. She doesn't usually track things or climb over barb wire or run and hide from rangers. She is a just and law abiding citizen. Except then she became friends with me and I guess that was the beginning of the end.

It's ok though. She teaches me big words that I would normally not even know existed. And we both like to walk really, really fast.

So I sent her on a solo reconnaissance mission to find part of the secret path that would be our access into the elusive part of the forest. I told her to go in the dark. Because, you know. The guys with big dogs and guns and stuff. Don't even ask me where this is. If I told you, not only would I have to kill you, but then men in black driving official vehicles would come after me and then after Mary to get us and I was the one that drug her into this mess in the first place. I've spent enough time on the wrong arm of the law. No more. We can't tell you where this forest is.

Mary the Totally Rad Pioneer Tracker, completely advanced path finding skills. No one saw her. Encountered no tripwires. And she found more secret paths that I even knew were in there. Her dog, much more well behaved than any of Team Small Dog. Including the one that had to stay on a forest walking rope the whole time. No way am I going to lose him out in that forest. He'd never find his way out. The terrain we discovered is steep and rugged, and we are going to be spending as much time as we can in there, I predict. If we vanish for a few days, I guess go look for us at the sea, because that's what we're trying to get to, from the very top of the mountain.


Elf said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'll have to beg another invitation to join your explorations someday.

gailanneM said...

i want to take a hike with you someday ~ that will be a goal for the chocolate girls.....!