09 September 2010

Otterpop's Grand Prix rounds...does this look like a dog who should run in Kentucky? Where there's bourbon?

Grand Prix second round at the Regionals. Listen to her fans! The agony of defeat when she blows by that second to the last jump.

Otterpop won the first round of the Grand Prix. We thought this was a pretty fun course!

Here's Hobbes on the Grand Prix finals course. He looks so tired. Oh, Hobbes. I ran Hobbes before Otterpop. I have no problem showing HIM the second to the last jump. Why didn't I just show it to Otterpop?


Amanda said...

Beautiful runs! Your front way out in front of the A-frame was just gorgeous. Yes, you need to go to Kentucky!

Elf said...

Maybe you didn't show it to otterpop because you're relying on her being SuperHound and just figuring it out because she usually does! She showed you!

Unknown said...

OMG- I loved all Otterpop's fans in the first video! Hilarious when they all go "awwwww!"
Looks like you hada good weekend!