23 September 2010

Dirt Nite reveals a short little thing to remember for a short little dog.

I ran Otterpop a bit at Dirt Nite last night. I figured we should be practicing, right? She doesn't do that much agility, I always worry about that leg of hers. She's been running just so fast and so consistently, and it's so fun to run with her, so I brought her out to practice in our class. Made a couple of errors, always places where I just take her for granted and dash off to my next position and she just blasts by something.

Work every obstacle.

Very important words to remember, every single day.

That sounds really boring. Let me rephrase it.

Work it, Baybeee.

And you have to say it in a drag queen voice, with sort of a head shake and a finger wave.

And wear a wig.

WORK it, Baaaaybee.

I'll remember that.

PS: I totally wrote that really fast last night because I thought I was going to watch the Top Chef finale. Even though I couldn't remember the finale-ists names. And I forgot that the finale had been on the week before and I totally fell asleep during it and missed it. And then I realized why would I want to mind say Work Every Obstacle in a drag queen voice? Because you know who's voice I really should be channeling for that important piece of information, the information that makes every one of all my dog's runs better?

Lafayette from True Blood. He survived vampire near death torture chained up in a basement. He lived to tell the tale. And you know that he totally works it, baybee.

Thank you.

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team small dog said...

Yes! Pin it on my forehead!