15 July 2010

The return to Dirt Nite, which is, as you might expect, quite dirty.

We're back to Dirt Nite after a hiatus. Every summer, a special solution of oily horribleness is sprayed on the dirt to make it extra sticky for maximum filth factor. We have learned to stay away for a few weeks, and when it fades a bit, we bring the dogs back.

My friend Dee brought the course, a lot of twisty Euro challenge bits. So fun! Tight turns and back sides and weirdo pull throughs and we all tried to run like Slovenians. With a side of Russian.

Number one thing I learned last night?

That weeks off of Dirt Nite make one sluggish and winded and breathless. Not in an attractive way. In a sweaty way. Thank god we're back.


maryclover said...

The next time you run like a Slovenian your friends can cheer like one BRAVO, EKIPA PSI !!

team small dog said...

BRAVO! I hope we won't be yelling anything that is going to get us beat up next time we go to Slovenia!