29 July 2010

How about some videos today?

Ruby Runs Again!

Gustavo Looks like a Cartoon Weasel When He Runs

Otterpop, Somewhat Uninspired but Oh So Accurate


Elf said...

Wow, look at Ruby go! And Gustavo! Well, good old Otterpop. What a challenge, having 3 dogs with different styles & attitudes & capabilities.

2halves said...

Wait, you didn't buy the video of the brace run? That totally would have been worth the 8 bucks!


maryclover said...

Oh man, they had brace? I would pay to see that ;-)

team small dog said...

It was brace when brace equals one escaped convict comes busts out and into the ring and tries to run a course with one pissy, agro disgruntled dog and one very, very mad handler runs the whole mess right back out the in gate.