21 July 2010

Cross training with the Team-The ab shrinking brisk walk as both a sport and a lifestyle choice, or actually, just a reason to go to the forest.

We hiked up to the spring boxes after work last night. Is brisk walking trying to shrink one's abdomenal muscles while simultaneously communing with nature like a hike?

We were there during the jogging hours. At 6pm, the forest attracts ipod ear joggers who loud breathe and pass us at a far brisker clip than our what I was thinking was really fast, near jogging fast, walking. None of those joggers had flabby stomachs. Assholes. We just keep on walking how we walk, which I would characterize as amble with occasional sprint then amble again. With ab shrinking. And posture. And frequent dog recalls. As they left me in their dust.

As we neared the spot on the trail where the creek is still a tiny waterfall, even in the middle of July, I could see another non jogger. Trudging towards me, carrying what looked to be a civil war type rifle in his hand. He looked sort of raggedy, and I kept my eye on his weapon. Vintage and robust, it looked heavy and old. We've seen far creepier folk than him in the forest, and I am a fast runner and I have Team Small Dog, so my best tactic for meeting up with weapon weilding trudgers in the forest is to stand tall, walk brisk, and suck in my abs really tight.

As we grew closer to each other, I could see that his civil war rifle was really just a big tree branch. Much like the one that Otterpop likes to carry around. He was certainly raggedy, and gave me a big smile as we came face to face. I smiled back. He gestured up at the sky with his stick, a far grander one than Otterpop had, and said to me, in a slurry voice with an accent I couldn't quite place, "We have a beautiful place to walk."

"We DO have a beautiful place to walk," I replied. And we continued on in our separate ways.

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