02 June 2010

A moment about capitalism, where we see how low people stoop to make a buck.

One of our best walking forests is becoming the site of a tourist attraction called "Ziplining in the Redwoods." This is a privately owned forest, with old growth trees that were some of the first preserved here, in 1860's. The trees are awaiting a new life of unspeakable bummerdom as embarrassing monkey houses spring up and lines and cables string through their ancient canopies that up to now were enjoying a life silent and empty. We go visit trees in here, me and the dogs, that are nearly 2000 years old. We walk in there because it's quiet and deserted and there's a feeling I can't quite explain, walking around in those trees.

So uncool, forest owners.

It's all about sales.

Speaking of. You need a new Team Small Dog shirt? You ordered your Wings shirt already, now you want a spiffy new TSD one on an American Apparel shirt, in various colors in mens OR junior sizes? Or even baby sized? Here's some classic TSD designs, new prints on different shirts. Buy one today. Humor me. Maybe if there is some buzz, new shirt designs come out this month. Hmmm? Sound nice? You can wear them to zip line in old trees?

Get them now.

Still uncool, but something to wear.


Anonymous said...

Hi - the link to get a t-shirt doesn't work... not so good for capitalism, I think.

: )

team small dog said...

Everybody hit "refresh" and try again. The plentiful typos of TSD reflect the careful attention to detail that can be found on anything I touch.

Julie J said...

why come there iz no pinkness??

team small dog said...

I haz pink in Jr. sizes, I will add pink in mens too. Pink for all!

Susan Paulsen said...

I love the "Team Small Dog Fan" shirt...it will be a best seller! :) THANKS!

team small dog said...

The fan shirt is YOUR special shirt, Susan!