03 June 2010

In case your mind goes straight to the gutter I might remind you right now that this is a clean, all ages show, folks.

One of the things that I call Gustavo is Gooey. Also Goo, then G-Man, and then frequently all I can spit out is G. Sometimes, when he is leaving me in the dust for the wrong side of an off course tunnel, I might get out an entire Gooo-stahh-vooooooo. But a lot of the time, Gooey.

I have a friend whose dog is named Styx, I guess after the band? Am I slandering here? Seveties band or Greek mythology? Let's say the band, Karey wears tie dye. You're my LAAAYYY-EEE-DEEEEE. Come sail away with Mr. Roboto? Very snug fitting trousers and floppy moustaches? Anyways, she calls her dog Sticky.

Styx is a very fast border collie who makes unique sounds when running, and has an all black, foxy face. I'm not sure how you put DAM teams together in your neck of the woods. Out here, we use carefully crafted strategies such as, Wouldn't Styx and Gustavo be the cutest team with their black, fox faces? So cute!

And a team is born. We call this team BFD. Black faced dogs. Very simple. It's just the 2 of us. Gustavo will have a spin in performance because his pal Styx enjoys a lower jump height. And this lets me run Gustavo with no stress, no expectations. Styx has billions of Q's, Gustavo doesn't need a performance Q, this will just make for a nice, fun, Sunday dog show with BFD.

Other people, however, seem to have other ideas. Have been waiting for this team. I'm not sure who started this. Actually. Yes I am. I am one hundred percent sure who started this. You all know him. He is responsible for every dog agility pun in the universe of dog agility puns. Lots of people take dog lessons from him or his glamorous wife who is also a World Team coach. And listen to his puns. The man's mind works on a different plane. Not a plane with snakes but one full of puns, just waiting to be unleashed at innocent bystanders.

This individual has noted that when Karey calls her dog on course, she tends to frequently call out, "Sticky, Come!" Simple enough.

And that when I call Gustavo on course, which is a lot, I tend to call, "Gooey, Come!"

The two of us out there together, on a relay course, a lot of Gooey, Sticky...oh my.

OH my.



vici whisner said...

Ok I just spit tea all over my keyboard! Oh my, is right!

arooarooo said...

Your next dog should be named STAINS! Because, you know, he'll probably have a few accidents as a pup... ya, that's it.

Unknown said...

What about gamble work? Get In! Get Out! Get In! Gooey, ... You get the picture.

team small dog said...

You are all just filthy. Absolutely filthy. Minds out of the gutter. This is dog agility.

Amy Carlson said...

Well, we did have a team at our last DAM trial called "Trial Secs". It was a performance team and both ladies are trial secretaries. If you two were trial secretaries that would make it even.......gooier!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you know the Agility Border Collie in Minnesota name of Tasty?

Elf said...

I don't know what all the fuss is about, I'm sure.