21 May 2010

An open thank you note to all the generous agility students!

One of my best agility pals who also happens to be my agility instructor has to pack his dog onto an airplane and fly to the Czech Republic this summer for the European Open. Oh man. Can you imagine? Both he and his wife are going, their dog is very brave. She has ferocious weave poles. I'm sure she won't be scared getting on to the plane. I went to Europe once, in grad school. IBM sent me to Paris. Another story for another day. I was scared getting on the plane. I only knew how to say hello and apple in french and had all the wrong clothes and had to give a talk at the Sorbonne. Maybe dogs just think they're in the car once they're on?

I sat in a middle seat of the middle aisle the whole way and was all freaked out about giving this presentation about art and computers that I was actually still writing on the plane. Wings just has to run around some courses clean. She's way better at that than I was at giving presentations. Once I got there though, it was nothing except fun and actually I ditched most of the conference I was supposed to go to and just cruised around Paris on subways in my wrong clothes and everybody was super nice and I found the best flea market ever. And ate tons of apples. Sorry IBM. I wonder if IBM reads this and wants their money back now? I'll remember to tell Wings this story. She is very disciplined and a good dog. She will not skip out on the competition and will have tons of fun the whole time.

Anyways, we did a fundraiser for them in our Wednesday Night classes. Holy smokes, the generosity of all the students! I know many of them come in here and read up to see what their other agility teacher, the one that doesn't compete in Europe with her dogs, is up to. Maybe someday, students. Or maybe I can help teach you guys good enough to go someday. But regardless, I was blown away by the support from everybody. Thank you for being such good agility supporters! We sure have cool students.

And, if anyone else is so inclined, the Paulsens at Workin' Paws are having a Fun Match this Sunday where all profits will also go towards sending Wings to Europe. We are all very excited for Rob and Derede out here on the Central Coast! We usually go to places like Turlock for big agility vacations. The Czech Republic? Unfathomable. This Sunday, 8am, in Hollister, agility courses on 2 stunning grass fields, all day long.

Team Small Dog will not make it, we have to go down to Los Angeles that day. We'll be driving back on Tuesday. Any Team Small Dog fans having an agility practice on Tuesday anywhere between LA and Santa Cruz, send me an email! We take the 101. It's a long drive! We like to stop at Hendry's Beach in Santa Barbara. And taquerias. And parks. And other beaches. And weird old buildings. Or funny signs. Or when people are selling birdhouses in their yards. Sometimes, it takes us a long time to make this drive. I think we should add agility into it!


Lynn Ungar said...

Go Wings! And tell Derede that when Wings is ready to take a break from being an incredibly awesome agility dog, that we want to see back at dog dancing.

Unknown said...

Warning! Zuma will be at Working Paws on Sunday!

team small dog said...

Lookout here comes ZUMA! Wish I could see this! Wear helmets and safety goggles!