25 May 2010

An informative travel guide of where Team Small Dog has been.

When you are in Los Angeles, you will spend a lot of time on the freeway. You will also see a lot of malls and they invariably have palm trees attached in some way shape or form. I don't even need to show you a picture. You can use your mind.

Imagine a shiny, tall mall. You would not be cheating to use office building or condo complex in place of mall.

Now imagine an equally tall, somewhat shaved palm tree.

Put these two things together. Use blue sky as background. Repeat as necessary. Which will be often.


Anonymous said...

holy shit, batman, a new Leader photo... how long has that been there?
how long have i been blind to it?! the Leader's mouth is closed, so we can't tell whether she has had her teeth fixed...

vici whisner said...

Glad to have you back!

Celeste said...

...so I googled Celebrity Dog Agility and found:
"One of the major events at the Hampton Classic [horse show] is celebrity watching, and this year did not disappoint. Screen legend Robert Duvall talked horses with many in attendance, while Jill
Rappaport, Brianne Goutal, Kristen Johnston and Aida Turturro all proudly showcased their dogs during the Opening Ceremonies Celebrity Dog Agility competition.
I don't actually know who these celebrities are (I never know!), except for Duvall, of course...and I do like John Turturro. Is this his wife? Daughter? Sister? A link to funny photos from the event:

team small dog said...

Good work Celeste!

Aida Turturo was the Tony Soprano's sister, Kristen Johnson played an alien on a tv show, Brianne is a famous eq rider.

Horse shows are always good celebrity spots. A lot of stars kids ride and their moms/dads hang out at shows. I have many good tales about celebrities at horse shows such as the time we almost ran John Travolta down in the golf cart, the time with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Joan Rivers in the high heels and fur coat in the dirt and poor Brooke Shields can't keep her heels down.

Sometimes at one of the Pebble Beach shows they have a special dog class but it's like a parade with high jumping. Maybe we need more dog agility at horse shows like what they used to at Del Mar!