01 February 2010

The many features and benefits of UKI Agility.

We went over to UKI Agility on Sunday.

I think UKI is going to be pretty popular around here.

We had a good time.

The match was at Anne Kajava's facility in Newark.

Gustavo had a hard time with weave poles first thing in the morning.

Like could not remember how to do them.

That went away later on. I think he did a good job.

Otterpop had a nice time, even though, as per our custom, I couldn't do the gamble with her.

I'll set it up today and ace it.

Ruby even ran a little bit. I see a future for her in Speed Stakes for Seniors.

All my dogs had some startline weirdness. I guess we're chalking that up to handler psychosis. Someone suggested I listen to mental management tapes. Apparently I just can't manage my mentalness.

There was a Starbucks practically next door.

Sure was nice to get out and run around with the dogs in the sunshine again. Thanks, UKI Agility!


Mary said...

It's hard to believe that no one has commented on how CUTE those foxy UKI ladies are.

So I'm commenting on it!

And every single one of the foxy agility ladies has a great sense of humor! Very important in an agility venue!!!!

And it was really a fun Fun Match! Well run!!! There was actual judging and queuing up to Q! Cool Gamblers, the gamble of which we didn't quite make! Cool Jumpers thingy course in which I was lost! Cool standard course in which our contacts were marginal! Fun last steeplechase kind of course where I ruined Ariel's start line forever!! Time to get back to training regimen, even if raining raining raining!

Wow. Many 16" dogs! I think 22" was outnumbered!

Can't wait until next UKI Match at Heartdog Agility this weekend. I heart UKI so far!!!

Unknown said...

WOW, I haven't been called "foxy" since high school. Oh, wait a minute I wasn't called foxy in high school:( Thanks for taking and posting pics from the match and making me LOL!

Elf said...

It was especially fun
because there was sun!

Debra Kay said...

We have a fun match next month-can't wait!