01 February 2010

The many features and benefits of UKI Agility.

We went over to UKI Agility on Sunday.

I think UKI is going to be pretty popular around here.

We had a good time.

The match was at Anne Kajava's facility in Newark.

Gustavo had a hard time with weave poles first thing in the morning.

Like could not remember how to do them.

That went away later on. I think he did a good job.

Otterpop had a nice time, even though, as per our custom, I couldn't do the gamble with her.

I'll set it up today and ace it.

Ruby even ran a little bit. I see a future for her in Speed Stakes for Seniors.

All my dogs had some startline weirdness. I guess we're chalking that up to handler psychosis. Someone suggested I listen to mental management tapes. Apparently I just can't manage my mentalness.

There was a Starbucks practically next door.

Sure was nice to get out and run around with the dogs in the sunshine again. Thanks, UKI Agility!


Unknown said...

WOW, I haven't been called "foxy" since high school. Oh, wait a minute I wasn't called foxy in high school:( Thanks for taking and posting pics from the match and making me LOL!

Elf said...

It was especially fun
because there was sun!

Debra Kay said...

We have a fun match next month-can't wait!