02 January 2010

This is the closest thing that Team Small Dog gets to some kind of New Years resolution. Revolution. Aberration.

Allrighty. So you're probably wondering how that dog agility challenge is going. In case you forgot, since most of you woke up drunk yesterday and maybe didn't visit the internet, it being New Years Day and all, maybe you didn't even know about my challenge. Seems like New Years Day, a good day for beginnings. A good day to start the challenge. Lots of symbolism here, somewhere, stepping up to challenges, fixing up problems with expert help, taking some action on resolutions, because did we even have any resolutions? How about last year?

Something about vacuuming? My haircutter said I had Jennifer Anniston hair? Can anyone even remember my haircutter's name?

I'm living in my own Private Idaho. We'll just move on from that Fail portion of the How You Do A New Year Thing.

So I started on it by getting up at 6am to work. Ha HA! Take that, drunk people with lesser work ethics. But more glamorous, party on lifestyles. When I took a break for me and the dogs to have a walk, it rained on us. I stuffed my face with a bunch of chocolate, even though it is now January, The Month of Salad. I worked, worked, worked all day. Later in the evening, when I took the dogs out for a run at the Whale Skeletons, someone set off firecrackers and Ruby and Gustavo had horrid meltdowns and that was the end of that. So seriously hearbreaking to watch I just move on right now. And then my husband was making cocktails, and the DJ was playing all B-52's on the radio and you know, dance party. The dogs got so comfy on the couch, and I started wondering about whether Lisa Bonet was happy with the way her life has turned out. and what would have happened if she had just married Dwayne Wayne.

Another day. Gone and wasted and we just rebooted the whole year and everything.

I PROMISE, Susan Garrett. I am taking this seriously. I want to be a right on competitor with champion Gustavo, even if I am not signing up for Tony Robbin's class. I am getting right on it. It's just that being the new poster child for Who is Stressed out, the Handler or the Dog, or Who is More Untrained, the Handler or the Dog, is so stressful. Sort of like the mess that looms in my garage out there. In real life, I am supposed to dive straight in with all the techno full stream ahead of a Chemical Brothers song and attack.

In real, real life though, I am looking at the giant pile of Christmas wrapping paper and am just all, dude. What was I talking about?


Susan Garrett said...

Laura, I applaud your initiative to get up and at least THINK about a plan. Help is on the way, more assistance for your plan of action coming at ya Monday AM.

team small dog said...

I am certainly a good THINKER.

Like how I like to spend time thinking about Dwayne Wayne and Lisa Bonet. I'm sorry you don't know Dwayne Wayne, Mary. He lived in the '80's and had little flip up glasses and was the total nerd to Lenny Kravitz's total Lenny Kravitzness.