25 January 2010

Sort of like getting a Golden Globe, but actually, totally not.

Read about Laura and Team Small Dog on Bayteam Cool Canines!

Actually, Michelle Rodriguez, who maybe you know as Ana Lucia from Lost, she should really be the Cool Canine. Golden Globes all around. I bow down to coolest canine Michelle Rodriguez. She is James Cameron's new Linda Hamilton. You see Avatar? Holy smokes. Just go see it. I'm not kidding. Even though it is about a giant blue smurf army and their day-glo treehouses. Would I lie? I might be Cool Canine this week, but really, Michelle Rodriguez. I'm already practicing Michelle Rodriguez swagger walk. And geting a camo jumpsuit.


Unknown said...

Have you seen Michelle R. in Girl Fight? Mighty good film.

Unknown said...

She was a great character in Avatar, but her exit scene (not saying what is was as don't want to spoil it for others) was a bummer! I expected more!

Elf said...

Right no taxidermy thing or cool line art drawings or former life as high tech graphic artist or training horses. Maybe we should write an addendum.

But it was still a cool write up anyway.

Double S said...

Congrats on your fame, Captain. Between your Cool Canine status and your recent Susan Garrett blog notoriety, I would say you should start trying on outfits for next year's GG Awards Show!