27 January 2010

The real team small dog.

My friend Kelsey sent me this. With the cryptic note, "Vivian is in Kauai and sent this today."

Holy smokes. When pressed for a field report, this info came in, straight from the beach, via iphone, I guess. Sometimes I feel so lame. I liked Avatar. I have a plain old regular phone. I don't know how to cellercise.

"It was at the farmers market at hanelei bay, a man had them on a cart, the father looked like a real fluffy Pomeranian. Mom I guess a short haired blackie. Owner dude got the pack two coconuts, hacked them open with a machete then fed the meat to the yappy pups. "

Click here to make them talk.


tundrah said...

Whoa. Its like theyre all on magic invisible leashes keeping them tightly lashed to that frond cart thing. Maybe thats the magical powers of coconut meat?

(Love the one pooping on the left side)

maryclover said...

tundrah, I was going to make the same comment about the pooping one. That is hilarious. I guess I'm a twelve year old boy.

tundrah said...

I know, I am right there with you...

Elf said...

Wow! Barking is fun, too. But that's a LOT of dogs if you don't have a lot of spare coconuts lying around.

ViewFr4Inch said...

We saw some dogs like that when we were in Maui. They were at a market/deli at the start of the road to Hana near Haiku. The place would let you take one of them riding with you as your "pet for a day". All you had to do is promise to buy them a sandwich for lunch.

I wanted to take a little reddish brown Chihuahua-ish dude that we saw there. He was bigger than a Chihuahua, but sort of generically Chihuahua-shaped. But fur was sort of longish.

We ended up not taking one because: 1) Husband said no. 2) Chihuahua-ish dude was not on flea preventative and 3) definitely looked like the kind of dog who definitely appeared to be the type who wasn't philosophically averse to a few passengers.

Sometimes I wonder what the trip would have been like if we would have taken him and his sandwich along.