06 January 2010

As the little dog agility world turns.

Yesterday morning, went out to the field. Just thought, maybe we can run around and play a little, try to have a little bit of fun. I was hoping, but not sure what would happen, after our last couple of days. Didn't know if there was any agility, or if the undead would rise from behind the fenceline.

Only one way to find out.

Am happy to announce, G-man out there. Not sure how to figure him out, but he seemed so, dare I say, NORMAL, I brought out my little pocket camera and took some video clips for posterity. I am not kidding. The day before, could only tremble and bark at clouds, and today, a beautiful, happy, little agility dog.

Not sure if he's back again today, in our little soap opera world, I've learned to let the world of the general hospital turn one day at a time.

If you're good at squinting, note where he sits up on the teeter. A fancy new training move. Not. But today, I didn't care a scooch.


Anonymous said...

A delight to watch

Amy Carlson said...

Aw, he looks great!